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House | Texas

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House | Texas
Property Type: House
Action: wanted
Location: Texas United States
Are you looking forward to selling your old house?

Or are you going to face any foreclosure?

I buy homes. I offer CASH for homes in any condition and any financial situation. Any states in USA are fine. I can get you cash within or less than 2 weeks.

Selling your home directly to us, you can save in commission costs. We will pay you instant CASH without charging any seller’s commission. Additional to that, you get an adviser along the way upon selling your house. The most important aspect of selling your home is property value. We can provide the correct value of your property. With experience, we can give the seller the best possible value. Instead of going through foreclosure, why not just we take care of your property. You will still get the best out of your property rather than surrending it to the bank.

If you are interested, please contact me at 469-224-0585 or you may email me at If you know any friend who is selling their house, I pay referrals.

If you are interested, please reply to this ad.

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