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A New Carriage House in Old Brooklyn

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A New Carriage House in Old Brooklyn


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The owners, Michael Bunton, 44, and Gail Anderson Bunton, 40, purchased this formerly vacant lot on Vanderbilt Avenue in Brooklyn's Clinton Hill neighborhood in 2001, according to public records. They completed this carriage house-style home with a mansard roof in 2006 for about $1.5 million, not including the cost of land, Mr. Bunton said. The home is designed as a homage to the historic mansions on Clinton Avenue, one block over, which would use this street for their horse-carriage houses.

The property is located within a historic district, and therefore took significant planning with local authorities to create a home that suited the neighborhood's character, Mr. Bunton said. The wrought-iron gate on the exterior of the home was original to the property, says architect Benjamin Ellis of Ellis and Donnelly Studio, which designed the home. The only thing they changed, he said, was to add hinges that make the gate swing open. 

The living room, which features coffered ceilings, a wood-burning fireplace and a large semicircular window, is shown. Mr. Bunton said they were looking for a 'traditional feel with a very modern interior.' Mr. Bunton wanted to take advantage of the property's 27-foot-wide lot, and decided on a loft-like plan.


The couple has been living in the neighborhood since 1997. One of Mr. Bunton's minor gripes with townhouse-style properties is that the staircase often dominates the floor plan. In this home, Mr. Ellis designed a U-shaped staircase that doesn't interfere with the flow of the space. 



Another look at the central staircase, which leads up to a rooftop terrace, is shown.

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Mr. Bunton is a proprietary trader and Ms. Anderson Bunton is a second-grade teacher at a local public elementary school. The couple have two sons, one in middle school, the other in high school. In his spare time, Mr. Bunton also runs a basketball program in downtown Brooklyn. Some of their sports trophies are shown.


The home includes three bedrooms, three full bathrooms and two half baths, according to Arina Yakobi, the listing agent and senior vice president at Douglas Elliman Real Estate. There is space to convert additional rooms in the home for a total of five or six bedrooms, she said. The home measures roughly 6,500 square feet.


The rooftop deck is shown. Mr. Bunton said they are selling because their oldest son will soon be in college and 'we could definitely downsize.


The billiard room, shown here, is on the top floor, which is set back further from street level. Peruvian walnut flooring is used throughout parts of the home, according to the listing agent.


The kitchen, located on the street level, features travertine flooring and has access to one of the home's two outdoor areas. 


old_townhouse_brooklyn_nyc_backyardThe backyard and sitting area is shown.

In the front of the home, the carriage house-style door retracts to reveal a one-car garage. 

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The home was listed in 2007 with another brokerage for $3.5 million but was later taken off the market, according to Ms. Yakobi. The home is expected to be listed again this week for $4.875 million with Ms. Yakobi of Douglas Elliman. 


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