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Anna Creek Station largest property in the world | South Australia

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Anna Creek Station largest property in the world | South Australia

Anna Creek is the biggest single cattle property in the world owned by S. Kidman & Co, one of Australia's best known pastoral companies. It is located in the Australian state of South Australia. Its area is roughly 6,000,000 acres (24,000 km2; 9,400 sq mi) which is slightly larger than Slovenia in Europe or state of New Jersey in the USA. Cattle station is an Australian term for a large farm (station, the equivalent of an American ranch). more >>> Farms for Sale

Anna Creek station

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S. Kidman & Co run about twenty stations including Anna Creek, carrying a combined total of over two hundred thousand head of cattle. Several of these stations are almost as big as Anna Creek, and two groups of stations run together to form massive, contiguous blocks of around thirty-five thousand square kilometers each. When you add a scattering of smaller properties, Kidman & Co runs a total landholding of nearly thirty million acres, or one hundred and twenty thousand square kilometers.

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There is a main homestead at Anna Creek and an outstation at The Peake. Although the homesteads are very isolated, they have satellite telecommunications including television and internet. The Coober Pedy Oodnadatta One Day Mail Run delivers mail twice a week and can bring a small amount of freight.

Once there was a large workforce of stockmen at Anna Creek, who mustered the cattle on horses. Today light aircraft are used for spotting animals which are rounded up by stockmen on trail bikes, requiring a much smaller workforce.







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