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24.12.2014    Hong Kong
People scramble for cash after road accident spills banknotes on busy Hong Kong street South China Some motorists and passers-by treated themselves to an early Christmas in Hong Kong after a road accident involving a cash transport vehicle spilled millions of dollars in bundles banknotes across a busy motorway in Wan Chai at lunchtime.
21.12.2014    United States
They made their performance debut in New York City’s Union Square metro station, and their You Tube video went viral because you can’t resist this funky trio of trumpet, baritone saxophone and drums. They’re 20-something subway buskers whose beats and brass house are challenging the mainstream pop-music formula.
21.12.2014    Australia
Investor appetite for city apartments in Sydney and Melbourne will remain strong in 2015, as low interest rates attract first home buyers and investors, according to a new analysis.
21.12.2014    United Kingdom
London has become the world’s most expensive city to live and work due to the increased costs of renting homes and office space, new global research shows.
Today, with its floor-to-ceiling cobwebs and crumbling floorboards, the house, No. 81 in Chaoyangmennei Street in Beijing, certainly seems like the ideal breeding ground for paranormal activity.
I am often asked which is better - wind turbines, or solar modules?
19.12.2014    Australia
88 Crazy things you probably didn't know about Australia like how we invented the selfie
17.12.2014    Australia
Anna Creek is the biggest single cattle property in the world. Its area is roughly 6,000,000 acres (24,000 km2; 9,400 sq mi) which is slightly larger than Slovenia in Europe or state of New Jersey in the USA.
08.12.2014    Australia
Western Australia has the strongest residential building market in the country by a healthy margin, ahead of the Northern Territory and New South Wales, new data shows.
20.09.2014    Australia
Hundreds of unidentified floating objects have washed up on Dee Why Beach, causing locals to ask whether the green, furry balls are alien eggs, Japanese moss balls or some kind of tennis nightmare.
22.05.2013    United States
The owners, Michael Bunton, 44, and Gail Anderson Bunton, 40, purchased this formerly vacant lot on Vanderbilt Avenue in Brooklyn's Clinton Hill neighborhood in 2001, according to public records. They completed this carriage house-style home with a mansard roof in 2006 for about $1.5 million, not including the cost of land, Mr. Bunton said. The home is designed as a homage to the historic mansions on Clinton Avenue, one block over, which would use this street for their horse-carriage houses.
31.12.2008    Ukraine
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